Webcasting Services – SAMHSA

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

– 2010 –

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) contacted NCC two days prior to needing support for a 4-hour live webcast for a conference at a boys and girls club in Northwest Washington, D.C. NCC was able to provide webcasting services at a very reasonable price and was selected to work on the project. SAMHSA required that the webcast reach 300 individuals, that it be archived for 12 months, and that onsite support be provided. Originally, SAMHSA did not require that the PowerPoint slides be delivered via webcast during the presentation, but jumped at the opportunity when NCC notified them of the capability.

NCC extensively researched how to acquire an internet signal strong enough to successfully stream the webcast to all the viewers. Internet speed tests confirmed that the building had very slow internet capabilities, and that a new faster internet would need to be installed for the webcast to run smoothly. The day of the webcast, NCC’s multimedia expert arrived at the event three hours prior to the beginning of the webcast to set up equipment, test connections, and perform an event rehearsal. During the event, NCC was responsible for changing slides for the presentation. At the conclusion of the webcast, NCC took the original video file and added the PowerPoint presentations as well as captions to provide a complete final product that is archived on a server for later viewing.