Online Certification Database – HUD

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

– 2008-present –

HUD’s Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control (OHHLHC) is committed to providing information to the general public about qualified lead-based paint professionals and healthy homes practitioners as a part of its strategic goal to create healthy and affordable housing infrastructure. In response to this need, HUD OHHLHC retained the services of NCC to:

  • Collect and update a listing of 11,000 trained and certified professionals across the country that are certified to provide remediation services in affected housing;
  • Create webpages in Dreamweaver to communicate this list of remediation professionals;
  • Identify requisite certifications for professionals and firms providing healthy homes hazard remediation services;
  • Create an online database to store the information for certified healthy homes hazard remediation service providers;
  • Create a public website enabling citizens to search for an appropriate, certified provider of healthy homes hazard remediation services, and
  • Develop and manage an e-mail response service for queries from the public; and
  • Provide technical information statements to advance effective services in accordance with HUD regulations, policy and guidance.

This project required NCC to coordinate with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters and regional offices responsible for the regulatory infrastructure and for our associates to contact State and Territory certifying entities to determine the most effective and efficient way to obtain the needed data. NCC also interacted directly with certified individuals and firms to ensure their inclusion on the Healthy Homes Contractors website.

NCC planned and executed the collection and organization of data needed to populate HUD’s web-based registry intended to provide the public with a searchable online listing of lead-based paint and healthy homes professionals. The goal of the Registries project is to provide up-to-date information to allow various users to search and locate capable professionals to assure safe and affordable housing. Specific tasks performed include:

  • Development of Information Criteria and Data Collection and Transmission Protocol.
  • Coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters and regional offices that are responsible for the regulatory infrastructure.
  • Outreach to State and Territory contacts (certifying entities) to determine the most effective and efficient way to obtain the needed data.
  • Standardizing the required data in response to each certifying entity that provides the information in different formats.
  • Identifying, organizing and transmitting the needed data to HUD.
  • Development of an E-mail Response System infrastructure and protocols.
  • Updating technical information based on emerging qualitative and quantitative research.

NCC’s efforts resulted in established relationships with 64 certifying entities nationwide. NCC also standardized data collection and transmission protocols and developed quality control procedures to assure accuracy. Overall, NCC provided 11,000 individual listings within a standardized format which enables HUD to respond to inquiries from various users in a timely manner. Lastly, NCC updated technical information in support of safe lead-based paint hazard control work and healthy homes interventions, effectively supporting HUD’s mission.