Real-time Captioning for Presidential Address at Fort Myer

Trump - Fort Myer

On August 21, at the Fort Myer U.S. Army post in Arlington, VA, President Trump addressed the nation to lay out the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.  Given just 12 hours’ notice, NCC was up to the task to deliver real-time captioning for the webcast of the President’s speech on multiple platforms, including the Defense Media Activity (DMA).  One of our expert captioners produced timely and accurate captions for the primetime address, ensuring that hearing-impaired viewers could fully receive the content of the speech.

NCC has a long and diverse history in providing real-time captioning for significant events, including the Army Birthday Ball, the Dalai Lama’s and Bill Gates’ lectures at NIH, Nina Pham’s (the nurse who treated the first person infected with Ebola in the U.S.) press conference, multiple Medal of Honor ceremonies, and countless DoD events.

Furthermore, we are honored to continue supporting DMA – with whom we launched a contract in 2015 – with real-time captioning for town halls, news, and other events and programming for domestic and international viewers in 177 countries and 279 Navy ships at sea.   In addition, we have provided post-production support for movies on a daily basis, as well other programming upon request.

We are proud to have a team of dedicated captioners who are ready to deliver top-notch captions for major events, such as a Presidential address, on short notice.  We are privileged to be enabling communication and collaboration for DMA and all of our other customers that utilize our reliable captioning services.