Remote Employees Participate in Traveling Swap Box Gift Exchange

swap box - cat

Our Multimedia, Events and Production Solutions (MEPS) team includes a number of talented and knowledgeable people that work on a variety of projects every day in our Arlington, VA headquarters, or provide on-site support to several organizations in the National Capital Region.  In recent years, when a handful of our MEPS team members have moved away to other cities and towns across the country, we have been fortunate that modern technology has allowed these employees to telecommute and remain an important part of the NCC family.

Unfortunately, our remote associates cannot physically participate in birthday and holiday celebrations, happy hours, and other fun events that happen either in the office or in nearby establishments.  So when we recently tried to come up with an idea for a social activity that incorporates teleworkers living all over the country, we had to think outside the box…by putting dozens of items inside the box!

One of our transcription editors suggested sending a Traveling Swap Box to our remote MEPS team members.  When the swap box arrived at each associate’s door, they took a few things from the box and then added new items before shipping it off to the next destination.   The box originated in NCC HQ and was packed with tons of NCC swag, coffee, and Colonial Williamsburg souvenirs.  The swap box’s journey took it from Arlington up to the Philadelphia suburbs, then south to Tennessee, out to the Arizona desert, back east to New Jersey, up to a lakeside town in New Hampshire, and down to New York City, before finally returning to NCC HQ intact.

swap box

swap boxswap boxSeveral of the items added to the swap box had a local or regional flavor, like a Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook, Arizona flour tortillas, a Rutgers University mug, maple sugar candies and maple cream, an Irish Bronx T-shirt, and an “I Love NY” snow globe.

The swap box survived a nearly-two-month voyage across the country in rural/suburban/urban locations, a variety of climates, four time zones, and more than 5,000 miles.  Our remote employees enjoyed this unique gift exchange and shared our fun – and sometimes funny – swap box moments with the rest of the division at a recent all-hands meeting.

We look forward to another Traveling Swap Box adventure next year!