Multimedia and AV Integration Services – JFHQ


U.S. Department of Defense Joint Forces Headquarters Command (JFHQ)

– 2007 –

The U.S. Department of Defense Joint Forces Headquarters Command (JFHQ) was interested in designing and building a multi-purpose conference room suite that could be operated from within the room or aided by an operator located in an adjacent control room. The audiovisual and integration project was defined by several design challenges, including a low ceiling height (8’3”) and a particularly deep conference room (approximately 60’). Customized front projection systems and auxiliary LCD displays were needed to facilitate viewing for people seated at the conference room table and for participants in the rear of the conference room. The adjacent control room also needed customization and automation.

NCC’s audiovisual and voice-to-text experts surveyed the space to determine the best equipment to meet JFHQ’s conference needs. The following equipment was installed:

  • Two HD-quality cameras and a Tandberg 6000 MXP video conference system for VTC capability, configured to support multiple levels of classification on both IP and ISDN;
  • A Biamp AudiaFlex audio mixing system that provides distributed echo cancellation and active noise reduction to minimize ambient room noise;
  • A Crestron remote control system with an 8” Wi-Fi touch panel for in-room remote control and a 12” tilt touch panel, providing complete room control for an operator located in the control room; and,
  • Three LED signs to provide staff information regarding the status of the space.

NCC’s efficient work resulted in the upgrade completed in time for full operation and utilization at high level meetings in December 2007. All work was completed on time and within budget despite the condensed schedule, and JFHQ personnel reported significant improvements of their communication channels.

Multimedia and AV Integration Services – DoD

U.S. Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Service (WHS)

– 2008 –

The WHS required the services of a multimedia integration company to upgrade 16 conference rooms in the Pentagon Library Center by furnishing the necessary labor, materials, equipment, business approach and strategy to support the multimedia design, implementation and support project. Additional support needs included hardware and software purchase, installation, configuration and testing, integration support services, programming services, documentation, and acceptance testing. Project management included interfacing with other stakeholder and technical personnel to include the WHS ITMD, General Dynamics, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Information Technology Agency, and Defense Information Systems Agency.

Our project plan generation included all project milestones and an associated schedule. We provided the workforce to design, install, configure, test, and maintain WHS multimedia systems. NCC installed and programmed accepted software and configurations on the WHS network and was responsible for the maintenance of user manuals using configuration and change management best practices. Additionally, NCC provided status meetings, reports and system documentation, training of end users on the management software and conducted “train-the-trainer” instruction as required, and on-call troubleshooting, maintenance and repair support.

In the end, NCC upgraded all 16 conference rooms with vastly improved multimedia and video teleconference capabilities. All work was completed on time and within budget. We expanded services to support video teleconference network at WHS and improved the overall communication channels for WHS personnel.