On-site Transcription Support – NRC


On March 12th to 14th, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission held its 25th Annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) at the Bethesda North Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland.  This critical event featured numerous speeches, panel discussions, and specialized technical sessions.  The RIC brought together over 3,000 participants, representing both industry and public interest groups, from more than 30 countries.

The NRC requested verbatim transcription for speeches given by Chairman Alison Macfarlane and each of the four commissioners, in addition to select panels and technical sessions, to be linked on the agency’s website.

An NCC Multimedia and Production Solutions (MPS) associate was on site for all three days of the conference to create an audio recording of the proceedings as well as prepare comprehensive notes documents in order for the team to generate accurate verbatim transcripts of record.  We delivered all transcripts to the NRC less than one week after the RIC concluded, and they were available for viewing at shortly thereafter, ensuring that interested members of the nuclear industry, advocacy groups, and the general public were able to promptly review the transcripts.

NCC utilized the wide-ranging skills and procedures of its MPS division for this project:

  •             on-site court reporting services
  •             accurate verbatim transcription
  •             thorough editing
  •             comprehensive quality control

NCC has provided the NRC with on-site captioning; transcription; and DVD authoring services since 2010, and we look forward to supporting the RIC for years to come.

Webcasting Services – SAMHSA

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

– 2010 –

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) contacted NCC two days prior to needing support for a 4-hour live webcast for a conference at a boys and girls club in Northwest Washington, D.C. NCC was able to provide webcasting services at a very reasonable price and was selected to work on the project. SAMHSA required that the webcast reach 300 individuals, that it be archived for 12 months, and that onsite support be provided. Originally, SAMHSA did not require that the PowerPoint slides be delivered via webcast during the presentation, but jumped at the opportunity when NCC notified them of the capability.

NCC extensively researched how to acquire an internet signal strong enough to successfully stream the webcast to all the viewers. Internet speed tests confirmed that the building had very slow internet capabilities, and that a new faster internet would need to be installed for the webcast to run smoothly. The day of the webcast, NCC’s multimedia expert arrived at the event three hours prior to the beginning of the webcast to set up equipment, test connections, and perform an event rehearsal. During the event, NCC was responsible for changing slides for the presentation. At the conclusion of the webcast, NCC took the original video file and added the PowerPoint presentations as well as captions to provide a complete final product that is archived on a server for later viewing.

Webcasting Services – DOE

Department of Energy

– 2009 –

The Department of Energy (DOE) had previously worked with NCC on other closed captioning events and contacted us for webcasting capabilities, which in turn led us to contact our long time partner, Accordent, who provided hardware for the webcast. DOE required a 4-hour live webstream to reach 500 individuals in many buildings across the U.S. During the presentation, slides needed to be delivered via webcast in addition to links to downloadable materials. DOE also requested onsite support during the webcast and needed the webcast archived for one year.

NCC determined Accordent was the best possible solution due to its platform’s ease of use and distinguishing features that were not available with other vendors. Two other companies, Powerstream and Diversified Technologies, provided additional support during the event. By working with these three companies, NCC acquired the hardware needed for the webcast, streaming servers to deliver the content to viewers, and the access to the fiber lines at DOE necessary to reach an outside audience. All internal work for this webcasting session was performed by one of NCC’s AV & Technology Solutions Senior Associates. One hundred percent of the work was performed onsite at the DOE.

NCC arrived at the event 3 hours prior to the beginning of the webcast to set up equipment, test connections, and perform an event rehearsal. An Accordent Capture Station was connected to the DOE’s cameras to encode the data and deliver the broadcast. Through our strategic partners we were able to access the Crawford fiber lines at the DOE and therefore reach the servers capable of delivering the live content. NCC’s Senior Associate oversaw the functionality of the Capture Station, organized slides, and coordinated with the event organizers to ensure accurate timing. Several lecturers spoke, the webcast was completed flawlessly, and NCC archived each of the lectures individually on our servers for future on-demand access.

Multimedia Services – NIH


National Institutes of Health

– 2002-present –

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) required assistance providing media communications services for its agencies and councils.  NIH media events contain specific scientific and technical language that requires a high level of specialized skill to reproduce. NIH needed a firm that could provide a high level of accuracy to meet its Section 508 requirements at a reasonable price.  NIH also required administrative support for scheduling captioners who could cover up to 30 total hours of audio a day.

NCC was able to provide NIH with a full package of services to meet their needs, ranging from remote, real-time, and onsite transcription and captioning services all the way to post production editing services.  After events were recorded, NCC offered video digitization and duplication services.  For maximum flexibility, NCC provided post production captioning in QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media and Flash formats.  To keep work organized, NCC designated a single Client Manager to handle all contract scheduling, invoicing, and customer service calls.  Additionally, NCC was able to provide translation services in a variety of languages including Arabic, French, and Spanish.

At the present NIH remains one of NCC’s largest clients and we continue to provide service levels over 99 percent with regard to deadlines and start times. We maintain real time captioning accuracy rates for scientific content over 97 percent, with over 1500 hours of events a year. In addition, our track record of success with NIH has led to individual contacts for similar services with HHS, CMS, FDA, and CDC.