Smaller, Faster, Lighter, Cheaper: Innovations in Multimedia Production

typing hands with keyboard, soundboard

NCC offers a suite of services to a variety of clients; everything from on-demand video captioning to DVD authoring.  We take pride in providing accurate and fully rendered deliverables that our clients can use flexibly and however they see fit.  So when a longtime customer was experiencing long download times on larger files, we took a closer look at our service.

Open caption videos have been the go-to solution for non-editable on-demand captioning products.  The newly rendered video includes 508 compliant captioning in a video format of the client’s choice, eliminating issues of caption file compatibility with preferred video players, without sacrificing client preferences for font type, color, size, shape, or location on the screen.  Open caption videos are certainly easy to use, but they’re often larger than the original video file as the text has become a permanent part of the image.  Once the video has been rendered, the captions can’t be split out again to use, for example, with the same audio and slightly different camera angle.  One video, one use.

Alpha channels are normally used as an opacity channel in video production.  If a pixel has a value of 0 percent in its alpha channel, it is fully transparent; whereas a value of 100 percent in the alpha channel makes the pixel fully opaque.  Rendering a caption file against an “invisible” alpha channel background enables us to format the captions the same way we might if producing an open caption video, but the resulting product is much smaller, and can be overlaid again and again on videos of the client’s choice.

RGB+Alpha files, as they’re called, are a smaller, faster, more flexible solution to a common problem.  NCC has proudly been making communication and collaboration happen® for our clients, as we have incorporated RGB+Alpha to better meet their expectations of high quality service, solutions, and products.