The Witch’s Hat and a Costume Contest – Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

There’s nothing quite like mounds of Halloween candy and seeing one of our division managers in a bright orange wig to start a Monday off right.

Taking full advantage of the start-of-the-week holiday, employees from all divisions of NCC sported silly and creative costumes as they competed for awards in various categories in our Annual Costume Contest.




This year, Carrot Top had no problems seizing the prize for “Scariest” costume.






A sexy firefighter drove off with the award for “Funniest.”







Our staff at NSF conspired in numbers to win the title of “Most Creative.”






Little Red Riding Hood skipped away with the “Cutest” prize —







— leaving our very own Harry Potter to snatch the award for “Best Overall.”





The winners took home amazing gift cards and keepsake ribbons.

Our dedicated team coordinated themed games like Witch’s Hat Ring Toss and Count the Candy Corn, as well as themed treats and drinks for HQ to enjoy.

Thanks to the live event staff for a phenomenal Halloween celebration and to NCC employees for braving dragons and wizards to continue to serve our clients by enabling communication and collaboration.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!