Technology Services and Support for NIH’s ScheduALL Software

Laptop Computers

For those of a certain age, it took a lot to throw away our obsolete technology, such as VCRs, VHS tapes, cassettes, tape recorders, and Walkmans, and for some of us, even CDs and traditional televisions have bit the dust.  (No judgments if you’re still holding onto an iPod or DVD player!) Many have moved on to the newest technology: Blu-Ray, streaming audio and video on phones and tablets, and recently some have even welcomed Alexa or other ‘smart’ helpers into their homes.

Since our inception, NCC’s Technology Services and Support team has performed the seamless removal of a diverse range of outdated technology for clients and replacements with cutting edge equipment, a la Blu-Ray replacing the VCR.  Earlier this year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) informed our Office of Research Services (ORS) ScheduALL Support team of the imminent removal of the outdated MSXML (Microsoft Core Services XML) 4.0 Microsoft component.   Our support team worked quickly to remove MSXML from the ScheduALL Development environment for NIH’s Events Management division, Medical Center, Clinical Center, and Fogarty International Center.   ScheduALL is an event and resource tracking and business management software program that ensures logistics for events are managed through a reliable, well-supported workflow.

In late March, our team performed afterhours support to remove MSXML 4.0, as to not impact clients and daily business operations.  The extraction took only two hours, including testing time and the usability confirmation.  With MSXML removed, NIH is now utilizing BigFix, a systems management software product that manages large groups of computers and mobile operating systems.

Our ScheduALL team’s efficient, high-quality work has ensured that we can continue enabling communication and collaboration for NIH in its use of ScheduALL, and we look forward to continually supporting the organization’s use of this vital software platform.