United in our Mission, Rivals in our Sports Fandom

Sports rivalry

The NCC family is very much united when it comes to our goal of making communication and collaboration happen® and our vision of delivering a GOOD future to our customers.  However, when it comes to our sports allegiances, that’s where we fracture a bit.  As one would expect, there are a fair number of fans of the Washington, DC area teams, perhaps none more unabashed than our President and CEO, who is devoted to his Washington Capitals.  But those of us who are not rooted in the National Capital Region have brought our fandom from the cities and towns where we were born and raised.  Take a survey of favorite sports teams around the office and you’ll hear the Giants, the Pirates, Phillies, Mets, and Yankees in baseball; the Steelers, Eagles, Dolphins, and Giants in football; and the Knicks and Lakers in basketball to name a few.

Despite a lack of professional levels of athletic prowess in the office, we have celebrated sports in several ways over the years.  This includes kickball games at the annual NCC summer picnic, wearing our favorite NFL teams’ shirts and jerseys the Friday before the Super Bowl, participating in the NCC Fantasy Football league, and having some serious – and some lighthearted – sports banter during coffee breaks in the kitchen from time to time.

On the eve of the World Series, here are some players of baseball’s past that could have played for the NCC baseball team if we had crafted our own “field of dreams.”

Wilbur Arlington “Arlie” Tarbert (OF)  –  Who could forget remember Arlie Tarber?  He had as many career Major League home runs as all of NCC’s current and past employees combined in his brief stint with the Red Sox in 1927-28.  On the bright side, his middle name/nickname represent the location of NCC’s Headquarters in vibrant and ever-growing Arlington, Virginia.

Scott Service (P)  – The only service Scott provided was pitching, mostly of the mediocre variety over the course of a surprisingly long career that spanned from 1988 to 2004.  NCC provides several Services & Solutions that we can proudly say are a whole lot better than mediocre!

George Textor (C) – Behind the plate, George Textor must have done a lot of communicating with his pitchers in his blink-and-you-might-miss-it career of 25 games in 1914-15.  George wasn’t alive to see the advent of closed captioning, but he surely would have appreciated NCC’s numerous Language & Text solutions, which have made communication and collaboration much easier for our clients since NCC’s inception.

Wally Post (OF) – In 1955, Post had a remarkable season for the Reds, slugging 40 home runs with 109 RBI and a .309 batting average.  Now that’s what you’d call Post production!  Almost as prolific as NCC’s Post-Production capabilities, which include video production, editing, captioning, and DVD authoring.

Skeeter Webb (2B/SS) – There was nothing remarkable about Skeeter Webb’s career, which somehow lasted from 1938-48 despite only 3 career homers and a .219 batting average.  There’s much more to note about NCC’s Webcasting services, which thankfully have nothing to do with Skeeter, and have allowed our customers to increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver content directly to the appropriate audiences.

Bob Walk (P) – Bob Strike would seem to be a better name for a pitcher, but we’re happy to have Bob Walk (an All-Star in 1988) represent the fact that NCC has participated in Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk4Hearing every year since 2009, as part of our range of Community Support.

Live Oak Taylor (OF) – Live Oak Taylor’s big league career began when Rutherford B. Hayes was in office!  Okay, so NCC doesn’t go back quite that far, but we are proud to say we’ve provided comprehensive Live Event and logistics support for five years now.  And Live Oak would undoubtedly appreciate that we’ve branched out to virtual meeting support as well.

Rolando Roomes (OF) – Rolando Roomes certainly made the rounds in his short career, in which he donned the uniforms of the Cubs, Reds, and Expos from 1988-90.  Our skilled and knowledgeable Unified Communications and AudioVisual team is also well traveled, having provided full AV integration, upgrades, and design in conference Roomes — errr, rooms — all over the D.C. area and around the country.

Although the actual NCC roster of employees is not chockful of names that cleverly tie in to our services and mission, and most of our baseball dreams only got as far as Little League, we expect to surpass all of the above named players in longevity, versatility, and productivity, covering all the bases when it comes to making communication and collaboration happen®.

Enjoy the World Series!