Update on NCC-Sponsored Hero Dogs Calvin and Grant


Since 2012, NCC has proudly supported Hero Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization that raises, trains, and places service dogs with disabled veterans.  Our first sponsored dog was Ulysses S. “Grant”, and last year we were pleased to be able to support puppy Leon “Calvin” Graham.  NCC employees had the privilege of meeting both Hero Dogs at our Partner Showcase in 2013.

Since we last saw Grant in May, he has finished his 15-month stay with his puppy raisers, his first phase of training.  From there, Grant began “hero-dog-college,” moving to the “campus” located at the Hero Dogs kennel in Brookville, Maryland, where he reunited with five Hero Dog friends also in the second phase of their training.  Grant’s college courses include various types of specialized training at the kennel, in addition to Hero Dogs outings like fundraisers at local businesses and the Hero Dogs Golf Tournament.  We’re proud of the progress he’s made in the last two years, and we wish Grant luck in the rest of his training as he prepares to assist a veteran.

Calvin is currently living with his puppy raisers in Phase I of his training program.  He has been busy over the last few months, taking trips to parks, lakes, a pumpkin patch, plus the Hero Dogs Golf Tournament.  He also celebrated his first Halloween and Christmas, and in November, took part in a Combined Federal Campaign event at the Social Security Administration, where he showed off his skills in retrieving objects like keys and remotes, and touching buttons to open doors and turn on light switches.  On New Year’s Eve, Calvin celebrated his 1st birthday.  We wish Calvin a happy birthday and we look forward to his continued progress.

NCC is privileged to include Hero Dogs, Inc. among the group of non-profit organizations that we support.  We look forward to continuing our dedicated relationship with Hero Dogs, and strengthening our relationships with the charitable organizations in our community in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring a Hero Dog, please visit this page on the organization’s website.