Welcome Baby Heckrich

NCC is honored to introduce Hermione Heckrich, the youngest member of our NCC family.  This precious addition is Multimedia Editor Jeremy Heckrich’s first born as well as the first baby born in NCC’s history.

We are proud to say that our employees consistently demonstrate remarkable preparedness, and the weeks prior to his daughter’s birth were no exception for Jeremy, a member of our Multimedia Division.  He and his wife, Paula, enrolled in a twelve week husband-coached natural home birthing class known as the Bradley Method.  Throughout the duration of Paula’s pregnancy, midwives from Birth Care, located in Alexandria, supported the couple as they anticipated the arrival of their first born.

When Paula’s due date passed without a contraction, Jeremy and his wife acted upon their midwives’ recommendation to induce labor by using acupuncture.  Typically a mother-to-be can expect this process to kick start labor within seven days, but after one 45 minute session, it became evident that the newest addition to the Heckrich family was well on her way that very day.  Jeremy’s decisiveness and calm reaction under pressure ensured a safe arrival at their home where their midwives patiently waited.  After approximately one hour of labor at home, Paula delivered a 7lb 7oz healthy, happy baby girl at 8:26pm on July 19th.  Her name, Hermione, was inspired by the couple’s shared love of Greek mythology, though Jeremy and Paula opted not to give her a middle name at birth, instead allowing her to choose one for herself when the time is right.

As Hermione approaches her two month birthday, she enjoys passing the time by listening to the Rolling Stones and classical music, as well as meditating over the traditional Buddhist paintings that her parents purchased in Tibet, where they celebrated their destination wedding ceremony at the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace.

NCC congratulates the Heckrich family on their newest member and we all wish Hermione a lifetime of health and happiness.