Welcome Ryan Laney

We are pleased to introduce Ryan Laney as NCC’s new Multimedia Coordinator.  Ryan, a College of William and Mary alumnus (like our President and CEO), has over 5 years of experience working with music and audio editing systems.  Since joining the Captioning, Transcription, and Post Production (CTP) team in August 2011 as a Multimedia Editor, he has worn several hats, including transcriber and transcription editor.  Ryan’s stellar performance in these areas in conjunction with his experience with audio and media software led to him being tapped for the Multimedia Coordinator position less than two months after his start at NCC. 

One of our Multimedia Coordinator’s primary duties is to prepare audio and video files for long term shelf life, compatibility, and quality.  This process also requires skill in clipping and interference elimination, noise reduction, and sound restoration techniques.  Ryan, who wrote his senior thesis on detecting flaws in wax cylinder recordings, has the know-how to delicately transform poor audio files into audible clips, which he then distributes to our transcription and editing team.   Our transcribers rely on the high quality recordings he produces so that they can generate verbatim transcripts to be edited, while our Editors need clean files so that the end users can view accurate transcripts and captions.

Multimedia technology demands an array of specialized skills involving electronics and applied sciences.  Ryan’s B.S. degree in Music and Physics equips him with a unique blend of creative thinking and practical knowledge for a multimedia profession.  We are confident that Ryan will be an excellent match as the primary assistant to the Division Manager and a strong asset to all members of the CTP team.