Aesthetics and Connectivity in Conference Room Upgrades for AAMI


The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) was in need of a major overhaul of its conferencing facilities in Arlington, VA, including state-of-the art upgrades to its conference rooms with significant aesthetic enhancements.  NCC’s Audiovisual and Technology Solutions (AVTS) team was up to the task of performing these upgrades.

As part of the renovation, AAMI required an upgrade to its AV systems to improve the performance, functionality, and aesthetics for local meetings, presentations and audio teleconferences.  The original microphone  system utilized a wired approach to link the multiple microphone base stations together, resulting in a space that appeared untidy and unprofessional.  We replaced the old system with a new wireless discussion system which simplified communication and enabled the “chairman” to have full control of microphone usage within the room.

Our AVTS associates installed a telephone hybrid to connect AAMI’s VoiP phone system, with an input from the wireless discussion system mics, along with integrated speakers for use during audio conferences; this resulted in a significant audio upgrade from the original basic speakerphone system during AAMI’s conference calls.

Enterprise communications have taken on a more complex, yet more human dimension.  At its core is the ability to communicate seamlessly – one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many – conveying audio and visual content and accompanying data regardless of location or mode.  NCC’s engineers understand the growing need for integrated audiovisual systems that are well-designed, tested, and properly installed on time and within budget. We design and implement enterprise, room, and end-user solutions, partnering with our customers to meet their unique technological and budgetary needs.