Onsite Multimedia Support for OCC Managers Conference

push-to-talk mic

The operations crew at a large sports arena has the unique job of setting up the floor for basketball games, hockey games, arena football, concerts, the circus, rodeos, and much more.  On occasion, they are responsible for multiple events on the same day.

While NCC’s Multimedia Production team at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is unlikely to be called upon to replace ice with hardwood any time soon, in late April, it was tasked with performing the swift changeover of the live sound setup for the OCC Managers Conference, which required a number of different configurations each day.

Over the course of the week-long event, in which managers from OCC’s local field offices gathered in the Washington, DC headquarters, our experienced and knowledgeable and experienced team was responsible for high quality, clear sound for presentations and panel discussions, ensuring that all participants and attendees were able to fully engage in all aspects of this event.

Our team seamlessly completed the quick transition from a large discussion setup to a panel discussion setup numerous times during the Managers Conference.  We incorporated JBL EON speakers, a premiere portable live-sound speaker, which amplified speech from conference participants and audience members using handheld mics.

After the completion of the event, we were grateful to receive complimentary feedback from the technical director for the Manager’s Conference, as she relayed her appreciation for “the absolutely stellar service that we received from [the team] in both in the planning/setup phase and during the actual event,” and also stating “[their] willingness to push the production envelope along with me was very refreshing and instilled a sense of confidence that would be the best event that OCC has ever held.”  This feedback is gratifying but also motivates us to continually provide the highest level of service and support to our customers.

NCC has proudly supported OCC since 2011, providing a range of conference center, AudioVisual, and multimedia support, and we are honored to continue enabling communication and collaboration for this longstanding, respected organization.