AV Upgrades for AFIA


NCC was pleased to provide comprehensive audiovisual support to the American Feed Industry Organization’s (AFIA) board room located in its Arlington headquarters.  After going a decade without AV upgrades, AFIA sought an integrated system to replace a portable projector, and upgrades to its video display to enable video conferencing between colleagues and members.  We were equipped to perform these upgrades plus several other key improvements.

We installed a SMART Board interactive flat panel, upgrading the conference table to support wired AV connectivity and improved audio conferencing performance with a professional audio conferencing solution.  A new Digital Media Presentation System was installed to multiple connections, with remote control and audio amplification for the new speaker system.

NCC also mounted a new USB camera designed for conference room applications to provide a fixed camera shot of the conference room in order to add video to collaborative meetings, via software-based conferencing tools such as WebEx or SmartTech’s Bridgit conferencing software.  Our technicians installed transmitters into the existing conference table, enabling connection to multiple input sources for viewing on any display in the room.  The system’s entire operation is controlled from an Apple iPad tablet thanks to customized configuration and programming.

AFIA is the world’s largest organization exclusively devoted to representing the business, legislative, and regulatory interests of the United States’ animal feed industry and suppliers.  Its members include over 500 organizations, which manufacture more than 75 percent of the commercial feed in the United States.  We are proud to support an organization that plays a vital role in ensuring the production of healthy and wholesome foods.

NCC is honored to support AFIA as we enable communication and collaboration among its members, volunteers, and staff, while doing our part to create a better experience for the population in which it serves.