NCC Webcasts HHS Blood and Tissue Safety Committee Meeting

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Last month, NCC was pleased to provide full webcasting support for the 44th Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety and Availability (ACBTSA), under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), held at the Fishers Lane Conference Center in Rockville, Maryland.

We streamed the webcast for this high-profile event in real-time, and made an archived version available to remote viewers shortly after the conclusion of the meeting.  Our webcast captured all of the presentations given on both days of the event, and also featured corresponding slides which were displayed in a separate window, ensuring remote participants had a comprehensive viewing experience.

Prior to the meeting, our webcasting team worked with HHS’s IT department on site to coordinate connection ports and settings, while working to optimize the webcast’s video quality.

Our webcast of the ACBTSA meeting expanded upon NCC’s busy year of webcasting support in 2013.  In December, we webcast Bill Gates delivering the Annual David E. Barmes Global Health Lecture at NIH.  Prior to that, we provided webcasting support for the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Fourth Annual National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workshop, several HHS/OSDBU outreach events and workshops, and a number of other events at NIH.

The ACBTSA was established in 1997 by NIH to advise on an array of policy issues including the “definition of public health parameters around safety and availability of the blood and blood products; broad public health, ethical and legal issues related to transfusion and transplantation safety; and the implications for safety and availability of various economic factors affecting product cost and supply.”

We were glad to create a better experience for remote viewers of both the live and archived streams of the ACBTSA meeting, ensuring that a larger audience would have access to this important health policy event.