New Audiovisual Contract with Council of the Great City Schools

Council of the Great City Schools

The NCC family is made up of people who were educated in school districts and colleges that are large and small, and located in urban, suburban, and rural areas.  Each of us value our unique educational experience and the significant role it played in shaping who we are and the skills and knowledge we bring to the company.  Prior to coming to NCC, a handful of our employees inspired young minds as teachers.  Numerous associates have enrolled in a variety of courses and programs to enrich their professional development while at NCC.  And since 2013, we have partnered with Urban Alliance to sponsor an internship for one local high school senior to work in our headquarters.

Now, we are honored to provide our trusted Unified Communication & Audiovisual support to a venerable organization which advocates for big-city school districts, as we announce a new contract with the Council of the Great City Schools to design, engineer, install, and program an audiovisual system in the organization’s renovated facilities in Washington, DC.  We provided the Council’s Divisible Conference Room with audio and video conferencing capabilities for the primary section of the room and video conferencing that can be utilized in both sections.  Both sides of the room will have the capability of displaying presentations and other content on a wall-mounted monitor.

We are also upgrading the nearby pantry room with an LED display to reproduce video and graphics utilizing a laptop which supports BYOD (bring your own device).  This same technology will also be provided in a second open office area to interface with customers and coworkers.

The Council of the Great City Schools was founded in 1956 and is the only national organization which exclusively advocates for urban public schools. Comprised of 68 large city school districts, its mission is to promote the cause of urban schools and to advocate for inner-city students through legislation, research and media relations.

We are proud to launch our contract with the Council of the Great City Schools, as our AV support will play a key role in enabling communication and collaboration for this well-respected and longstanding organization.