New Conference Center Support Contract with Hines Management

conference room blue

NCC is pleased to announce a new contract with the Hines investment, development, and property management company to provide complete conference center scheduling and audiovisual support for the Constitution Center in Washington, D.C.  NCC’s dedicated staff perform scheduling and coordination of meetings and events, as well as full AV support for the Constitution Center Auditorium and Conference Center.

Prior to this contract award, we have gained an intimate knowledge of the Constitution Center, through contracts with two of the building’s tenants: the Department of Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  We have served the OCC with AV support and conference scheduling for their own conference rooms since 2011 and were recently awarded an expanded contract that includes conference support and preventative maintenance service for the organization.  Following a recent contract award with the FTC, we will provide turnkey installation services for the audiovisual, Telepresence, and IPTV systems for the FTC.  This includes engineering, delivery, onsite installation, programming, testing, quality control, project coordination/project management, and ongoing support services and maintenance for the Commission’s 80 new rooms as it consolidates its offices into the Constitution Center.

We are looking forward to building on our expertise in the area of conference center support. In addition to our work with the OCC, we have dedicatedly served conference support requirements of the National Science Foundation since 2010, and provide AV conference room support for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s headquarters in Washington, DC.  We are privileged now to offer our conference center and AV support to all organizations housed within the Constitution Center which, along with the FTC and OCC, includes the Federal Housing Finance Administration, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Hines has managed the Constitution Center since 2012, and has developed over 800 properties since its inception in 1957.  In the Washington, DC area, Hines manages 13 major properties in total.  We are happy to be associated with the company, whom we originally supported on an ad hoc basis throughout 2012.  We are privileged to now provide consistent, full-time event scheduling and AV support to create a better experience for the employees of the organizations within the Constitution Center.