New Preventative Maintenance Contract with WHS in the Mark Center

Mark Center

In 2012, the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) began shifting approximately 6,500 employees from offices in Arlington and Washington, D.C. to its new location at the Mark Center.  NCC has been proud to do our part in helping make this transition go as smoothly as possible, as we provided WHS with audiovisual support in the Mark Center shortly after the move was complete.

Since late 2014, we have supported WHS with preventative maintenance in WHS at the Mark Center, through our subcontract with SMS Data Products Group.  We provide quarterly preventative maintenance for the audiovisual and broadcast systems in the Mark Center Conference Center.  Our support also includes on-call emergency and on-site repair and replacement for AV systems.  This contract continues our reliable service to WHS which we launched in 2006.

For the past nine years our Audiovisual and Technology Solutions team has provided comprehensive AV design, integration, and maintenance support for Pentagon offices throughout the National Capital Region.  In addition to our current contract in the Conference Center, we have performed preventative maintenance for several other conference rooms throughout the Mark Center plus conference rooms within the Pentagon, including the Press Briefing Room, the Integrated Emergency Operations Center (IEOC), and the Pentagon Conference Center.  In 2013, we integrated the Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate’s (EITSD) Leadership Conference Room with state-of-the-art video teleconferencing technology.

We are glad to play a role in ensuring seamless connectivity for WHS staff by providing our dependable preventative maintenance support, therefore doing our part in making communication and collaboration® happen for this critical organization.