Realtime Transcription Services – Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose (PBS Show)

– 2006-present –

Charlie Rose required verbatim transcripts of daily interviews within 30 minutes of the interview’s end. The editors and producers of the show needed a transcript that made it easy to not only distinguish between Charlie Rose and the interviewees but also to quickly and accurately identify portions of the dialogue that needed to be edited. Segments often aired on PBS within 3 hours after completion of taping. The show’s previous transcription provider was unable to: a) produce the highly accurate transcript required in a timely manner, and b) correctly identify speakers from the remote broadcast with a measure of reliability.

NCC developed a transcription process utilizing an editor at a central location in contact with the show’s producers and transcribers in various remote locations. The editor and transcribers collaborate to develop a comprehensive lexicon to cover the show’s general interest topics and work together in real time to produce and deliver a verbatim transcript. Specific subject matter expertise includes: international and American politics, literature, art, and entertainment. Transcription accuracy and service levels (with regard to deadlines and start times) increased to 99 percent. NCC is responsible for the increased efficiency for producers in editing segments before final airing and provides Charlie Rose with reliable availability to accommodate unpredictable taping schedules.