Language & Text Solutions

Presenting your message in accessible formats

Our team is proud to deliver streaming text, transcription, and translation services to meet any language need, fulfill archival or legal requirements, and achieve all Section 508 compliance goals.

Project Highlights

Trump - Fort Myer

Real-time Captioning for Presidential Address at Fort Myer

On August 21, at the Fort Myer U.S. Army post in Arlington, VA, President Trump addressed the nation to lay out the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.  Given just 12 hours’ notice, NCC was up to the task to deliver real-time captioning for the webcast of the President’s speech on multiple platforms, including the Defense Media …read more
Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Captioning Support for DoD Worldwide Troop Talk

“You are what make ours the finest fighting force the world has ever known.  It’s our people.  It starts with our people.  So that’s my whole day and all my attention basically centered on our folks,” said U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, as he opened the Worldwide Troop Talk on September 21st in the Pentagon. …read more
Fort Hunt

Transcription and Multimedia Support for NPS Fort Hunt Oral History Project

Today, Fort Hunt is a picturesque affluent D.C. suburb, located alongside the George Washington Parkway and Potomac River.  However, during World War II, it was home to a secret military installation called “P.O. Box 1142,” where highly classified intelligence programs were housed, and prominent enemy officers were interrogated. The records of this project were classified …read more


Verbatim Transcription

We provide accurate transcription services for a wide variety of audio including, but not limited to, conferences, hearings, council meetings, and television interviews. Our transcription and editing staff are well-versed in a wide array of specific subject areas and are familiar with creating transcripts that include scientific, legal, and otherwise technical terminology, economics vocabulary, and language specific to politics. In addition, we are accustomed to customizing transcript formats, delivery schedules, and pricing structures to fit our clients’ specific needs. We have experience in the transcription, protection, and delivery of sensitive information and bring the highest ethical standards to our work.

Real-time Captioning and CART

We offer a full complement of captioning services to accompany our world-class webinar support and webcasting solutions. On-site and real-time captioning support ensures conferences, seminars, and other broadcast events are accessible to all attendees. Our post-production captioning experts can supply open or closed captioning services in a variety of digital media, including video files and DVDs. Captioning services are available in multiple languages in order to help our clients reach diverse audiences. Many non-broadcast events (such as board meetings, church sermons, or classroom lectures) may have accessibility requirements, and we offer flexible Computer Assisted Realtime Translation (CART) options to meet those needs. LiveWriteTM, an NCC-developed online CART application, is used by several clients for just such occasions.

Content Development

We know meetings are most valuable when stakeholders are focused on achieving the meeting’s objectives and knowledge is captured for dissemination. Our team is equipped with the technical writing expertise and eagle-eyed editing required to produce high-quality documents used for executive summaries, the development of guidelines, or public posting. Writing and content creation services include:

  • Technical and science writing for meeting minutes and summary reports
  • Edited and polished presentation materials and transcripts
  • Outreach and marketing assistance


We offer highly accurate translations of documents and subtitling of media files in a variety of languages, ensuring that our clients’ goals and objectives are not hindered by language or cultural barriers.