Video Production Support for HHS Broadcast Communications

camera and mic

In early 2016, NCC was honored to begin a contract supporting the HHS Broadcast Communications Division’s broadcast studio, video production, and live events.  Since that time we have produced hundreds of videos ranging from former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to the devastation from last year’s hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Our HHS Broadcast team takes tremendous pride in bring the stories being told by the people in front of the camera to life, whether it be through the addition of a certain piece of music, the camera angles utilized, the sequencing of images or segments of video, or other editing nuances.

Most of the productions are done in short turnaround, typically one to three days.  Examples of these include I AM HHS and Opioid videos with the HHS Secretary and Surgeon General (the latter of which were shot, produced, and cut in a day).  Other projects can take as long as six months to complete.

Every employee on our HHS Broadcast team plays a unique role, and they meet as a group to plan for each project before production commences.  According to one of our video editors, “We get the best product when we all put our heads together to come up with creative ideas…it takes a village to make a great video.”

As you’ll see from the variety of videos below, the HHS Broadcast team has succeeded in telling the stories and conveying the messages of the people whom are the subjects of those productions.  NCC is grateful to have such a talented team at the HHS Broadcast Communication Division, as they do their  part in enabling communication and collaboration for our customers.