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Chris Marquez

NCC President & CEO Chris Marquez Featured on William & Mary Website

Past and present CEOs of hugely successful companies like Starbucks, Disney, HBO, Whole Foods, and YouTube hold the common distinction of earning Bachelor’s degrees in Liberal Arts rather than in business-related fields.  Add NCC President and CEO Chris Marquez to that list; he earned his BA in English from the College of William & Mary …read more
Associates at IQ2

NCC Associates Attend Intelligence Squared Debate in DC

“Gerrymandering is Destroying the Political Center.”  “Call a Convention to Amend the Constitution.”  “Legalize Drugs.”  “Death is Not Final.”  These issues are without question up for debate.  Since 2006, these and more than 130 other topics have been the focus of passionate discourse in Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) debates.   NCC has proudly called IQ2US a …read more
NSF video production

Multimedia Production Support For NSF

If you type “National Science Foundation” (NSF) into the search bar in Google News, you’ll see a spectrum of articles including a study on the realities of eviction, the effects of El Nino on California’s shores, a supercomputer cluster at Penn State University, the development of tastier tomatoes, and several more that run the gamut …read more

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