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AV Maintenance Support for Pentagon Press Briefing Room

Serving as the Department of Defense (DoD) headquarters since 1943, the Pentagon is the one of the largest office buildings on the planet, at about 6.5 million square feet.  More than 25,000 military, civilian, and non-defense support personnel come to work each day at this architectural marvel in Arlington, VA.  Our window into the daily …read more
World Refugee Day

Video Production Support for HHS World Refugee Day Event

A young Iranian man came to the U.S. in 2012, not speaking a word of English, and four years later he owns a business.  A man left the religious persecution of Burma and became a refugee case manager at the International Center of Kentucky.  A Syrian woman had to leave her whole family behind, knowing …read more
Council of the Great City Schools

New Audiovisual Contract with Council of the Great City Schools

The NCC family is made up of people who were educated in school districts and colleges that are large and small, and located in urban, suburban, and rural areas.  Each of us value our unique educational experience and the significant role it played in shaping who we are and the skills and knowledge we bring …read more

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