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Onsite Multimedia Support for OCC Managers Conference

The operations crew at a large sports arena has the unique job of setting up the floor for basketball games, hockey games, arena football, concerts, the circus, rodeos, and much more.  On occasion, they are responsible for multiple events on the same day. While NCC’s Multimedia Production team at the Office of the Comptroller of …read more
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Happy Fourth of July from NCC!

NCC wishes our customers, community partners, vendors, family, and friends a happy Fourth of July!  Whether you plan to attend a picnic, barbeque, watch fireworks, or choose to say inside to beat the heat, we hope you have an enjoyable day.  For those who will be in the National Capital Region during the holiday, there …read more
Laptop Computers

Technology Services and Support for NIH’s ScheduALL Software

For those of a certain age, it took a lot to throw away our obsolete technology, such as VCRs, VHS tapes, cassettes, tape recorders, and Walkmans, and for some of us, even CDs and traditional televisions have bit the dust.  (No judgments if you’re still holding onto an iPod or DVD player!) Many have moved …read more

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